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Welcome to the first website made especially for families of quadruplets. Our mission is to bring awareness to the special needs of all families living with quadruplets. It is usually the case that quadruplets are the result of infertility treatments and most families blessed with this news decide to raise their four new first babies in the best way that they can. Most people can’t even imagine having four babies at once, especially on their first try at being parents! That is why we call ourselves Four Firsts, because everything that we experience as first-time parents, we are doing four times! The limos Long Island company that my sister hired for her wedding were very reasonable in price and gave her excellent service.

It’s Always Hard

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We often think back to our first year with our first four babies. It was hard. There was so much scrimping and saving. I could never count how many diapers I changed, bottles I washed, and how few showers I took. I could probably count the hours I slept per week on just one hand! At the end of the day, I wish I had a place to gather with people who knew exactly how I felt. I was excited to finally get my dream apartment so I had NYC custom shades installed on my windows which make my apartment look stylish and sophisticated.

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Families Gather at our Website

What we have set out to do is create a space where families of quadruplets can gather to share their stories, share coupons for formula, diapers and the like, and just basically have a place to call their own when life with quadruplets becomes four times what you ever expected it to be! It is our genuine hope that you use our site as a refuge, whether late-night, early-morning or during nap times, to get to know other families that have been through the same thing as you, at different stages of quadruplet life. We understand that having quadruplets will take its financial toll on even the savviest economists, so we hope that you also are able to visit some of our sponsors, who help to make things possible for our site. We ask that you use our forums to entertain other parents in your situation and keep the discussions light-hearted. If you have clothing to sell or toys that you are looking to trade, you can do that too!

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